The history of the G-77 (developing nations conferences)

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South Summit Agrees to Revive North-South Dialogue repeating to some points
By Patricia Grogg and Dalia Acosta, IPS, 14 April 2000. The Group of 77 (G-77) coalition of developing countries hopes that its first summit will give a new boost to the North-South dialogue will help correct the course taken by globalisation, whose benefits currently bypass 80 percent of the world population.
Castro's address to the South Summit
Complete text of President Castro's speech at the opening session of the South Summit, 12 April 2000. Never before did mankind have such formidable scientific and technologic potential, such extraordinary capacity to produce riches and well-being but never before were disparity and inequity so profound in the world.
Oil, a Hot Issue at South Summit
By Patricia Grogg, IPS, 13 April 2000. The presence of delegations from the members of the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) at this week's South Summit of Third World nations in Havana, and the still oil high prices, have made the question of oil a focus of the gathering.
Secretary-General, in address to developing countries South Summit calls for steps to make global economy more equitable
Press release, 24 May 2000. We, the peoples of the South, should play a more active and influential part in world affairs. We could do so with great benefit to ourselves and to the world as a whole.
Alliance between the global resistance movement and the G-77 group of countries!
30 May 2000. The Mobilization for Global Justice sees that the main conclusions, fair trade and cancellation of the Third world's so called debts, of the recent G77 summit in Havanna, are the same as their own.