The history of the United Nations

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United Nations: Reforms Must Correct Imbalances of Power
By Chakravarthi Raghavan, Third World Network Features, 17 April 1995. Report on a speech by Julius Nyerere.
Fidel Castro's Address to the UN (22 October, 1995)
Transcribed by Bob Witanek, 26 October 1995. A call for progressive reform.
Cuban president gets loudest applause at UN
By Laura Garza and Martin Koppel, in the Militant, 6 November 1995. A commentary on the above speech.
U.N.—C24 on Decolonization
By (Ho`okele Hawai`i). 13 March, 1997. The US and UK are certainly pushing hard to kill the decolonisation committee (C24). The 'colonial administrative powers' are not interested in the UN pursuing the Declaration to eradicate colonialism by the year 2000 and to fulfill the Charter of the UN.