Law and justice in world history

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International law and Palestinian “indendent day”
By Professor Francis Boyle, Mid-East Realities, 15 November 2000. An introductory comment and two items by Boyle from 2000 and 1999. The very concept of “international law” is at best vague and uncertain, especially when applied to the powerful. Palestinian status and the U.N.
Global Look at Racism Hits Many Sore Points
By Barbara Crosette, The New York Times, 4 March 2001. The international character of racism and the legacy of colonialism, making it a human rights issue that does not reduce to foreign policy. Relation of globalization and racism.
Federal Judge Declines to Dismiss Holocaust-Reparations Suit
The New York Times, 8 March 2001. A federal judge in New York, presiding over Holocaust litigation against German banks, refused to dismiss a class-action lawsuit that stands in the way of a multibillion-dollar settlement of the Nazi-era claims.
‘I believe in the extraterritoriality of the honor and dignity of persons’
Statement by Cuban President Fidel Castro, Granma (Havana), 28 April 2001. Discussion of the relation of criminal charges brought against an individual and the competence of the court that brings those charges. The case of Pinochet and the project to arrest Castro.