Non-state political relations

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How ethnic is ethnic cleansing
By Jack Goody, New Left Review, January–February 2001. Religion—inherently threatened by apostasy or conversion—is a stronger marker of communal conflict and mass expulsion than an ill-defined ethnicity.
The social wars
By Ignacio Ramonet, Le Monde diplomatique, November 2002. Surprising though it may seem, and contrary to the media impression, the world is actually a calm and largely pacified place. Political armed struggle is less widespread, although there are other forms of violence at work. The great paradox of our time is that billions of wretched of the earth are keeping politically quiet.
Can ordinary people regain their power of decision? International law: justice as a commodity
By Nuri Albala, Le Monde diplomatique, December 2003. International law now has some jurisdiction over dictators and war criminals, but not yet over economic crime: it reflects the balance of world power and is just as cowardly as the states that make it.
Speech by President Hugo Chavez, at the Opening of XII G-15 Summit
By President Hugo Chavez, Monday 1 March 2004. A clear historic trend: the need of the self-awareness of the South and of acting together in a world reality characterized by imbalance and unequal exchange. Propose the creation of a TV channel that could be seen throughout the world showing information and pictures from the South.
‘US is bigger threat than terror’
BBC News, 9 April 2004. Globalisation and the US pose a more serious threat to the world than war and terrorism, according to a BBC poll. Corruption came second. Conflicts—war and terrorism—ranked third.