The evolution of war

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CNN War, 12 February 1998. Concerning a paper by US Army War College Research Fellow Lt.Col. Frank J. Stech. The Gulf War gave rise to a new form of war called “CNN war”. Satellite television alters how governments deal with each other. Political events defined in terms of the video clips and sound bites of TV news images. Political groups “capture” images that serve their purposes and reuse them to create new events to be televised.
High-Tech Warfare Is a Losing Proposition
By Gary Chapman, Los Angeles Times, 26 April 1999. The current war in the Balkans between NATO forces and Yugoslavia is delivering new lessons about whether wars are won by soldiers dying for a cause or by machines that deliver death and destruction to the enemy. NATO's application of technology there may have been militarily counterproductive. The revolution in weaponry and in our society at large brought about by new information technologies.
Inequality Primary Cause of Wars, says Annan
By Thalif Deen, IPS, 9 September 1999. Countries affected by war typically also suffer from inequal access to power among domestic social groups or economic decline. Poverty itself shown not be cause of war. Recent horrors of identity politics. Prevention strategies in face of natural disastors, particularly address inequity. While progress in negotiated settlement, a more recent countervailing increase in wars.
Modern war kills nine civilians for every soldier
By Mark Lattimer, Independent (London), 1 January 2000. While the 20th century was unparalleled in the scale of its human misery created by other humans, this masks the huge change that has taken place in the pattern of violence: the systematic use of torture by the state; nine military casualties for every civilian death in war, primarily children. In this century growing civil conflict as the nation state starts to fragment or implode.
US Weapons Secrets Exposed
By Julian Borger, Guardian, 29 October 2002. The US is developing a new generation of weapons that undermine international treaties on biological and chemical warfare. The Pentagon, with British military help, is working on “non-lethal&$8221; weapons [to target the working class] similar to the narcotic gas used by Russian forces to end last week's siege in Moscow, which killed hostages.