Perpetual war

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War Without Boundaries
By Ellen Meiksins Wood, Canadian Dimension, November/December 2001. We are growing accustomed to military action with no clearly attainable objective, identifiable enemy, geographic target, or endgame. A borderless war against an invisible enemy is very well suited to the new imperialism of globalization.dd>
The Provocateur State: Is the CIA Behind the Iraqi “Insurgents”—and Global Terrorism?
By Frank Morales, 12 May 2005. The requirement of an ever-escalating level of social violence to meet the political and economic needs of the insatiable “anti-terrorist complex” is the essence of the new US militarism. “Permanent war” ultimately serves the geo-political ends of social control in the interests of US corporate domination.
UN, NGOs have decreased global conflict
By R. B. Eisner, Straight Goods, Monday 31 October 2005. Confounding conventional wisdom, a major new report reveals that all forms of political violence, except international terrorism, have declined worldwide since the early 1990s. Wars are not only far less frequent today, but are also far less deadly.
Ability to Wage ‘Long War’ Is Key To Pentagon Plan
By Ann Scott Tyson, Washington Post, Saturday 4 February 2006. The Pentagon, readying for what it calls a “long war,” yesterday laid out a new 20-year defense strategy that envisions U.S. troops deployed, often clandestinely, in dozens of countries at once to fight terrorism and other nontraditional threats.