Works of the 74th session of the Arab economic unity council at the ministerial level started today, 5 December 2001

Works of the 74th session of the Arab economic unity council at the ministerial level started today in Cairo under the chairmanship of Mauritania's minister of economic affairs Muhammad Wild Thani.

During this meeting, the Arab ministers will evaluate the executive measures and resolutions released by the council towards revitalizing the common Arab market.

The ministers will also discuss results of the meetings of the specialized qualitative Arab federations and the meetings on trade exchange promotion.

The council's secretary general Ahmad Jweili said that the council's general secretariat has prepared a special implementative protocol relating to the four- member declaration of the Arab common market in preparation to sign it by prime ministers of the signatory state. They are Syria, Egypt, Iraq and Libya.

Studies were also prepared on the foundation of inter Arab custom federation among these states in a way to hurry the building process of the common Arab market.

Jweili added that the ministers will also discuss the general policies of the Arab states, members in the World Trade Organization, drawing a program to develop transit world trade services in the Arab states, discussing the foundation of major Arab joint companies at Arab capitals in key areas.

Earlier the session was preceded by a meeting at the level of permanent representatives of the council's member states chaired by Mauritania on last Monday and Tuesday during which the representatives discussed following up the implementation of the activities of the council and affiliated committees during the previous session, work results the team of the joint Arab economic work strategy and results and recommendations of the forum of the Arab oil establishments.