The economic history of the modern Arab world

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Industry in the Arab world, 1 May 1998. In a seminar recently held in Damascus under the title The Arab Common Market: Problems and Prospects, well-known Syrian industrialist Riad Seif talked about industry in the Arab world. Reasons for industrial lag, and effect of petroleum wealth.
Works of the 74th session of the Arab economic unity council at the ministerial level started today, 5 December 2001. The Arab ministers will evaluate the council's efforts to revitalize the common Arab market, the meetings of the specialized qualitative Arab federations and the meetings on trade exchange promotion.
Arab Thumbs Down on Free Trade
By Reese Erlich, AlterNet, 16 July 2003. Beirut, Lebanon The Bush administration has hyped formation of a free trade zone with Arab countries and dangled the possibility of $1 billion in economic aid to cooperating countries. Many Arabs are saying no thanks to this gesture of American munificence.
King Abdallah and President Mubarak launch pan-Arab pipeline
By Dalya Dajani, Jordan Times, Monday 28 July 2003. King Abdullah of Jordan and Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak on Sunday inaugurated a strategic pan-Arab gas pipeline that will land Egypt on the list of global gas exporters.