Arab Labor Organization holds 50th session, 25 November 1998

The board of the Arab Labor Organization on Tuesday opened works of its 50th session with the participation of representatives and businessmen from a number of Arab states.

During its three-day session, the board would review a number of issues including the organization's plan for the upcoming two years which included 161 projects.

Other topics to be reviewed includes the organization's reports that it would submit to the 26th session of the Arab Labor Conference, which is scheduled to be hosted in Cairo next March. The Conferees would also review the conditions of labors and businessmen in the occupied Arab territories and violations committed by the Israeli Occupation authorities in this regard.

Deputy Chairman of the Organization and President of the Palestine labor Union, haidar Ibrahim, told the conferees in an opening statement that more enhanced Arab solidarity was required to confront difficulties facing the area.

On his part, organization Director General Bakr Mahmoud in his speech called for more efforts to enhance enter-Arab cooperation to face the present economic and political challenges.