The Arab Labor Organization (ALO) and the International Union of Arab Labor Unions (ALU)

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The International Union of Arab Labor Unions (ALU)

Solidarity with the labors and Iraqi people, 17 August 1998. The International Union of the Arab Labor Unions renewed its solidarity with Iraqi laborers and people. It called for lifting economic sanctions from Iraq, accompanied by harm, disaster, hunger, disease, collective death for children, woman and sheikhs.
Arab Labor Congress meets on Saturday, 1 March 2002. The 29th session of the Arab labor Congress to begin Saturday in the Arab League head offices in Cairo. Participants will debate an Arab strategy to develop labor and employment, as well as issues related to immigration and globalization.

The Arab Labor Organization (ALO)

Arab Labor Organization holds 50th session, 25 November 1998. The board of the Arab Labor Organization opened its 50th session with the participation of representatives and businessmen from a number of Arab states. During its three-day session, the board would review its plan for the upcoming two years and the reports that it would submit to the 26th session of the Arab Labor Conference, which is scheduled to be hosted in Cairo next March.
Arab Labor Organization elects officials, 9 May 2002. Lebanon was elected president of the administrative board of the Arab Labor Organization (ALO), during its 57th session in Cairo. The representative of the Moroccan Labor Union (UMT) was elected vice-president.