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Axis of Oil?

By Robert Lederman, 11 February 2002

States like these [Iran, Iraq and North Korea], and their terrorist allies, constitute an axis of evil, arming to threaten the peace of the world.
——GW Bush, State of the Union address 1/29/2002

The leaders of many nations are scoffing at GW Bush's Axis of Evil comment in his State of the Union speech. Among their complaints is that Iraq, Iran and North Korea have little in common, share no agreement on joining an axis of anything and in the case of Iran and Iraq are each other's worst enemies.

But was GW actually correct in lumping them together? Have the uninitiated missed the profound geopolitical wisdom of the man CNN's talking heads have begun to call, the greatest American President?

There is one very important issue tying North Korea, Iran and Iraq together.


The slippery black gold is very dear to GW Bush's heart and to the corporate sponsors of his administration like David Rockefeller and Enron, which Rockefeller's Chase Bank disastrously financed. The three nations Bush elevated to the status of evil just happen to be competitors of the Saudi Arabian oil fields that the Bush and Rockefeller families have been aligned with for the past 70 years.

Outside of Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq and the offshore oil fields of North Korea, the other main source of oil for the future is in the former Soviet Republics. For those oil and gas deposits to become an economically viable source for the West a huge pipeline has to be built through Afghanistan - exactly what Enron and the Bush administration were negotiating with the Taliban before 9/11.

If the U.S. can't gain peaceful control over these nations' oil wealth, an invasion or overthrow of their governments will do the trick. To justify such an invasion Bush just needs the right excuse, such as an unending, war on terrorism.

Within each of these countries are factions and individuals -many of them with CIA training and/or funding - who will gladly stir up a little revolution when ordered to do so - or launch a terrorist attack. Then we can send in the bombers to defend democracy.

Contrary to the impression Bush has conveyed to the American public Afghanistan as a nation did not attack the U.S. and was actually peacefully negotiating an oil deal with U.S. corporations before 9/11. Although none of the alleged 9/11 hijackers were from Afghanistan, 15 of the 19 and bin Laden himself are from our great ally in the war against terrorism, Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia massively funds terrorists and is as anti-American as a nation can get yet it's not part of Bush's Axis of Evil. Maybe that's because the Saudi royal family and the bin Laden family are long-time business partners with the Bush family.

If as Bush claims we are focusing on Iran, Iraq and north Korea because they sell weapons and fund terrorists then why aren't we threatening England, France, Germany, Russia...and ourselves? The U.S. is the world's largest seller of weapons, has by far the largest biological and chemical weapons program and is the only nation that has ever used nuclear weapons. The U.S. finances terrorists like bin Laden all over the world and like Sadamn Hussein, we've used biological and chemical weapons against our own population.

We also lead all other nations in funding terrorists. It was William Casey, founder of the eugenics-centered Manhattan Institute, who as CIA director in the Reagan/Bush administration built up Islamic fundamentalism in Afghanistan by supplying bin Laden and friends with billions of dollars in weapons, training and aid. If Al Qaida actually was behind the 9/11 attacks, we can thank Bill Casey for giving them the know-how to bring it off.

Calling Iran, Iraq and North Korea, uncivilizedas GW did in his address is somewhat ironic since they each existed as high cultures thousands of years before the U.S. became a nation. According to historians, six thousand years ago the area of the world we know as Iran and Iraq was the birthplace of what we euphemistically call Western civilization.

It's also considered the homeland of the so-called Aryan race. Perhaps GW just wants to reclaim der fatherland.

Korean culture is likewise thousands of years old and was highly developed when Europe was in the Dark Ages. It might come as quite a shock to Koreans to find that our semi-literate pretzel-munching leader thinks they are uncivilized.

Even more ironic is that the real WWII Axis powers - Nazi Germany, Italy and Japan - had a major strategic problem in common. Unlike GW Bush's Axis of Evil, none had oil reserves, a prerequisite for world domination. Getting access to oil was part of their reason for invading other countries. Bush is doing exactly what they were doing in WWII, creating a justification for war, threatening war and then invading.

While the three regimes Bush has announced he may invade next are among the world's least sympathetic, one thing is certain. Unlike the minimal military resistance the Taliban presented us with, these three nations have huge armies and advanced weapons, which in the case of Iraq, include biological and chemical weapons.

We know for a certainty Iraq has these weapons because the former Bush administration and many of the present Bush administration's cabinet appointees such as Dick Cheney enriched themselves by supplying Sadamn Hussein with them.

There is an ultimate irony about Bush's Axis of Evil quote.

It was Bush's grandfather, Prescott Bush and Prescott's father in law George Herbert Walker (GW Bush's namesake) who made their initial fortune on Wall Street supplying Nazi Germany and the other Axis nations with money, steel, ships, munitions, formulas for synthetic gas and other materials vital to creating their armies. In 1942 the U.S. Congress seized the Bush families' banking assets as Nazi fronts under the Trading With the Enemy Act.

In a very literal sense, GW is a front man for the real Axis of Evil, the corporate terrorists who are busily enslaving mankind while genetically manipulating and polluting the entire world. Compared to them, Iran, Iraq and North Korea are bit players who can only aspire to one day achieve the levels of evil that have been the hallmark of the Bush family and their circle of corporate eugenicists for the past century.

The following quotes and links illustrate the facts in this essay.


North Korea's Upcoming Oil Boom

http://www.korea-np.co.jp/pk/072nd_issue/98120202.htm North Korea has an estimated reserve of 155 million tons (12 million barrels) in offshore oil fields in its Western sea area, a south Korean monthly magazine reported. North Korea has five oil deposit zones in the Western sea, 150 km off the Nampo seashore, South Pyongan Province,it said. The monthly Shin Dong-A quoted a Korean-American expert as saying, It has five zones in the area; 65 million tons in the first zone, 50 million tons in the second zone, 30 million tons in the third zone, a small amount of oil in the fourth zone, and 10 million tons in the fifth zone.

http://www.korea-np.co.jp/pk/019th_issue/97112701.htm N. Korean Oil Projects Emerge as Realistic Issue By Mun Ho Il Special to The People's Korea The Canada-based KANTEK Company estimates in its materials declassified on Sept. 25 that the north Korean oil reserves in District No. 606 of the Korean West Sea continental shelf reach about five to 40 billion barrels. The south Korean vernacular daily Hanguk Ilbo on Sep. 29 reported the U.S.-based Stanton Group is eager to invest in an oil project as a KEDO-style consortium member.

http://www.korea-np.co.jp/pk/026th_issue/98011403.htm After 30 years of geological study and test drilling, the Ministry of Petroleum Industry concluded in its recent survey that there are eight oil-bearing basins in the DPRK. They are the Pyongyang Basin, West Sea Bay Basin, East Sea Bay Basin, Onchon Basin (Nampo), Kyongson Bay Basin (Chonjin), Anju Basin (South Pyongan Province) and Kilju Basin (North Hamgyong Province). The report suggests that the West Sea Bay and Anju Basins are promising among them, and figures out that the West Sea Bay Basin contains about 5 to 40 billion barrels of oil.

Much more here: