The Axis of Evil

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Holy war
By Alain Gresh, Le Monde diplomatique, August-September 1998. Last month's raids marked a turning point in Washington's strategy: the US no longer feels constrained to seek an international consensus or the backing of the United Nations. The United States is locking itself into a “war of civilisations” and helping to widen the fracture between the Muslim world and the West.
Good and evil
By Frei Betto, News from Brazil, 21 September 2001. Immediately after the terrorist attack on the United States, President Bush declared a war between good and evil. This division of the world into good and evil countries was one that the western world had begun to bury with the end of the cold war. This division fomented the Christian Crusades against the “infidel Muslims” and later, the extermination of Jews by Hitler's troops.
Axis of Oil?
By Robert Lederman, 11 February 2002. An example of the “war for oil thesis”. Bush's Axis of Evil is united only in that the countries are repositories of oil. US as source of terrorism. The war of civilizations. The homeland of the so-called Aryan race. Citations for North Korea.
The axis of nonsense
By Andrew Murray, The Guardian, Wednesday 15 May 2002. There is now not the slightest pretence that the scope of the US's regime-change wishlist is in any way tethered to the attacks of September 11. Instead, the world is witnessing the rapid emergence of a plan to dispose of any government hateful to the sight of US ultra-conservatism.
N Korea accuses US of ‘moral leprosy’
By Kevin Kim, BBC News, Friday 1 February 2002. North Korea has made its first official response to remarks by US President George Bush that Pyongyang is part of an “axis of evil” with Iraq and Iran. Appended is the statement for the DPRK, dated 31 January 2002, and the U.S. President' state of the union address.
From the Axis of Evil to the Outposts of Tyranny
By Rupert Cornwell, The Independent, 20 January 2005. As her appointment is confirmed, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice identifies the six miscreant states that will be the target of American foreign policy efforts to ‘spread democracy.’ Shifts away from representation of world in religious terms.