World War III as Armageddon

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Cheney Defends pre-emptive doctrine
AP, Sunday 8 September 2002. The Bush administration's new foreign policy doctrine on pre-emptive military action. The context of this policy. [Reuters fails to mention the implication of this policy as a justification of one's own actions regardless of actual circumstances].
Reaffirming A Policy of Preemption
By Glenn Kessler, Washington Post, 13 September 2002. President Bush's speech yesterday marks first direct application of the administration's emerging policy of combating threats even before they fully materialize, bringing the nation one step closer to war. The U.S. reserves the right to strike first against a potentially hostile government and absent definitive steps by the U.N., will go it alone.
The war against reason
By Harold Pinter, 26 November 2002. Bush and company are determined, quite simply, to control the world and the world's resources. And they don't give a damn how many people they murder on the way. And Blair goes along with it. Bullying is a time-honoured US tradition. The US elephant has grown to be a monster of grotesque and obscene proportions.
Peaceful Future or 'War Without End'?
By Bert Knorr, The San Francisco Chronicle, 11 December 2002. The peace envisioned by the U.S. is a “Pax Americana”, where the United States pre-emptively annihilates any would-be regional or global challengers. It is a peace that can only be the product of endless war against the people of the world. 911 an excuse to implement plans in place since early 1990's.
Malaysia's Mahathir Assails U.S. at Davos Opening
By Paul Taylor, Reuters, 24 January 2003. Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad told the US that “out-terrorising the terrorists will not work” and forecast a long period of war driven by hatred, revenge and greed. Mahathir, a veteran Asian leader, accused the West of seeking to impose its brand of capitalist democracy by force and starving or bombing those who did not accept that model.