The universal war on terror

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US warns Taliban an “international” threat
AFP, 16 December 2000. US Assistant Secretary of State for South Asian affairs said because of Taliban support for terrorist organizations, they are a threat to the international community. The Taliban will be high on the agenda of the administration of president-elect George W. Bush who takes power next month.
Secret war plans for 10-year war
By Michael Evans, Defence Editor, The Times, 20 September 2001. America and Britain are producing secret plans to launch a ten-year war on terrorism, Operation Noble Eagle, involving a completely new military and diplomatic strategy to eliminate terrorist networks and cells around the world. “Asymmetric warfare” to counter small groups armed with the minimum of weaponry, whether conventional or non-conventional.
America's Unlimited War
By Rahul Mahajan and Robert Jensen, southnews, 21 September 2001. Every nation in every region now has a decision to make, Bush said. Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists. Independent policy, middle ground, are concepts of the old world. Collective punishment is part of the new world order. God has signed on with us; we need have no qualms about a campaign to “drain the swamp”, kill civilians to deprive targeted groups of their “cover”./dd>
The algebra of infinite justice
By Arundhati Roy, The Guardian, Saturday 29 September 2001. The stygian anger that led to terrorist attacks has its taproot not in American freedom and democracy, but in the US government's record of commitment and support to exactly the opposite things—to military and economic terrorism, insurgency, military dictatorship, religious bigotry and unimaginable genocide.
More and More, War Is Viewed as America's
By Donald G. McNeil, Jr., New York Times, 4 November 2001. The war is being seen abroad as “America against Osama,” not, as the Bush administration would prefer, “All of us against terrorism.” “As long as the U.S. keeps killing civilians, it will not differ from the organizations it is fighting against—the only difference is that the U.S. apologizes,” People were moved by Sept. 11, but feel that the U.S. is being overbearing.
In the name of fighting terrorism
By Terrie Albano, People's Weekly World, 8 June 2002. Crimes everywhere justified in the name of fighting terrorism. War and military intervention will not end terrorism. They feed it, they breed it and they are cut from the same cloth of exploitation, reaction and repression.
The Great Charade
Extract from The New Rulers of the World by John Pilger (Macmillan, Australia, 2002), [5 September 2002]. Having appropriated our shocked and humane response to that momentous day, the rulers of the world have since ground our language into a paean of cliches and lies about the “war on terrorism”—when the most enduring menace, and source of terror, is them. The great charade is imperialism's return journey to respectability.
Resisting Bush's “Relentless War”
By David Krieger, Counterpunch, 11 September 2002. Assesses the function of 911 for World War III. Did 911 instantly transform the U.S. from a nation at peace to a country at war? Becoming a country at war meant to the Bush administration an opportunity to expand US military forces while constricting civil liberties for ordinary Americans. Danger of perpetual war. We should wage peace against the terrorists, acting with such justice and decency in the world that we would again be viewed as a positive model.
The Double Standards, Dubious Morality and Duplicity of This Fight Against Terror
By Robert Fisk, The Independent, [5 January 2003]. Double standards for North Korea, Iraq, and Algeria. Threatening the innocent, torturing our prisoners and “learning” from men who should be in the dock for war crimes is our true memorial to the men and women so cruelly murdered in the crimes against humanity of 11 September 2001.
World War III imminent?
By Richard K. Moore, 17 August 2005. The scenario for World War III is incredibly obvious. There will be no surprise for anyone who has their eyes open. Washington spells it out when they say they are “expecting” multiple simultaneous terrorist attacks in the U.S. very soon. They should know, since they are the ones who will be carrying out the attacks.