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U.S. plans for preemptive nuclear strikes on north Korea revealed

By Jung Wook Sik, Friends of Liberty, 6 October 2002

The US had agreed to withdraw all tactical nuclear weapons from Korea in 1991 and also had signed the Agreed Framework with North Korea in 1994. Nevertheless it was revealed recently that the US has been harboring secret plans to mount nuclear attacks on North Korea.

These plans have come to light when the Nautilus published its findings in a new article last week. This article and the now declassified documents are available from the links given at the foot of this page.

The US not only has kept up plans to use nukes against North Korea but also has been building a theatre missile defense (TMD) system in Korea for the purpose of destroying North Korean missile batteries and of shooting down North Korean missiles with Patriot anti-missile missiles.

In 1991, the Sr. Bush Administration withdrew tactical nukes from Korea. In place of these weapons, the US had long-range bombers and Trident nuclear submarines equipped with nuclear missiles. The 4th Air Fighter Wing, based in the US, was placed in charge of American nuclear attacks on North Korea.

Early in 1998, mock nuclear attacks on North Korea were staged several times from the Seymour Johnson Air base in North Carolina.
The US threatens, non-stop, North Korea with preemptive nuclear attacks while demanding North Korea to abandon its nuclear programme.