World War III: The attack upon the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

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Washington rejects call for Korean peace
By Eva Cheng, Green Left Weekly, 8 May 1996. The US rejected North Korea’s call to replace its 43-year-old armistice— with North Korea and China— with a peace treaty. Days later, Washington renewed its 1951 security pact with Tokyo, which gives it continuing rights to maintain war facilities in Japan, vital to effective military intervention in the region.
US whips up fears of North Korea
By Eva Cheng, in Green Left Weekly, 23 October 1996. A small North Korean submarine and bodies in North Korean military uniform seized on by the western media to support US propaganda that North Korea is aggressive and dangerous, ruled by unpredictable and unstable tyrants. It is the U.S. which threatens the DPRK.
Washington, Seoul Keep Trying To Coerce Pyongyang With Food
By Francisco Picado, Militant, 21 April 1997. The U.S. and south Korean governments continue to use food as a cudgel against the DPRK), including attempts to coerce Pyongyang into joining peace talks aimed at securing a treaty that would replace the truce that ended the 1950-53 U.S. war against Korea.
Pentagon bullying: war threats against food-short North Korea
By John Catalinotto, Workers World, 24 April 1997. Following reports of widespread hunger in north Korea, U.S. military officials went to the border to flaunt the Pentagon’s power: They not only vowed to hold back food aid but raised a threat of U.S. military force. Tokyo would withhold food as well.
Pentagon’s DU Weapons Threaten North Korea
By John Catalinotto, Workers World, 28 August 1997. On August 15 the Pentagon admitted that the U.S. is preparing for war against north Korea and that depleted-uranium weapons are controversial and might prove to be dangerous. The U.S. moved all depleted-uranium bullets deployed in Okinawa to south Korea.
Korean Defector Had CIA Ties
By Maurice Williams, Militant 6 October 1997. The former north Korean ambassador to Egypt, Chang Sung Gil, who defected to the United States, was a C.I.A. mole. The CIA stepped up it efforts to recruit diplomats of the DPRK about two years ago.
What’s Behind Washington’s Hostility Toward Korean Workers State?
By Patrick O’Neill, 18 February 2002. The fact that the Korean people have fought for their independence and national sovereignty, made a socialist revolution in the north, and refused to accept the forced division of their country, is a thorn in the side of imperialism. And, like other countries, the ability of the Koreans to build, launch, and export longer-range missiles poses a problem for Washington’s unchallenged world hegemony.
N. Korea Accuses U.S. of War Plot
By Associated Press, 30 June 2002. North Korea accused the U.S. of plotting a preemtive strike. The criticism came in response to President Bush’s remarks early this month that the U.S. will strike pre-emptively against suspected terrorists if necessary. North Korea, along with Iran and Iraq, were labeled by Bush to be part of an axis of evil countries.
U.S. spoiling for war: N. Korea
AFP, The Hindu, Tuesday 2 July 2002. North Korea today accused the United States of sending spy planes over its skies more than six times a day in June, saying this showed a U.S. attack was planned. It defined the air exercises as dangerous plays with fire aimed to perfect its flying corps’ combat skills for starting the ‘second Korean war’ at any cost.
U.S. plans for preemptive nuclear strikes on north Korea revealed
By Jung Wook Sik, Friends of Liberty, 6 October 2002. The US had agreed to withdraw all tactical nuclear weapons from Korea in 1991 and also had signed the Agreed Framework with North Korea in 1994. Nevertheless it was revealed recently that the US has been harboring secret plans to mount nuclear attacks on North Korea.
U.S. rejects offer to negotiate
By Deirdre Griswold, Workers World, 14 November 2002. The Bush administration is already positioning itself to take its endless war to Asia, once it has established a colonial-style administration over Iraq and the Gulf area. Its immediate target is the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, which U.S. imperialist geo-strategists have coveted as a launching pad against China.
North Korea in the vice
By Gavan McCormack, New Left Review, November-December 2002. Abductions and missiles in Pyongyang; plans and postures of Washington and Tokyo, as the DPRK pursues survival. In Northeast Asia, the prospects for the last front of the Cold War and next battle against the Axis of Evil.
Upping the ante for Kim Jong Il Pentagon Plan 5030: a new blueprint for facing down North Korea
By Bruce B. Auster and Kevin Whitelaw, U.S. News, 21 July 2003. A new war plan for a possible conflict with North Korea. Elements of the draft, known as Operations Plan 5030, are so aggressive that they could provoke a war.
How Bush’s policies make the U.S., both Koreas, and the world, less safe
15 August 2003. By hiding history and relevant background, the Bush clique and the media make those North Koreans look oh so inscrutable and hard to understand if not irrational but basic background shows they are not at all hard to understand.