World War III: The economic coercion of people

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Most documents related to the use of economic coercion to achieve political ends are found under under the history of particular states or regions in World War III. For the use of political means to achieve economic ends, see U.S. imperialism and The use of blockade in war. For economic means to achieve economic ends, see imperialism and globalization.

On the Edge of Lunacy: British Foreign Aid is Now Targeted at Countries Willing to sell off their Assets to Big Business
By George Monbiot, Guardian, Tuesday 6 January 2004. Traditionally, the countries that receive the most money tend to be those that are of greatest strategic use to the donor nation. But foreign aid mostly goes straight to the manufacturers. In the UK, most DfID money is being used to “restructure” and “reform” a state and its utilities so that people are dispossessed of land and public assets are handed over to big business.