United States global economic coercion

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C'est un monde: Guerre économique
R.d., letter to the editor, Le Journal du Jeudi (Ouagadougou), 1 June 2002. Depuis le 11 septembre dernier, c'est la guerre. Mais cette guerre n'est pas uniquement militaire, elle est aussi économique. Les États-Unis ont jeté aux orties leur credo libéral et interviennent désormais massivement dans l'économie.
US cash squads buy Iraqi tribes
By Jason Burke, The Observer, Sunday 15 December 2002. Dozens of teams of elite American soldiers and intelligence specialists have been sent into Iraq with millions of dollars in cash to woo key tribal leaders away from Saddam Hussein.
Appointment with war: United States; the dollar standard
By Jean de Maillard, Le Monde diplomatique, January 2003. To protect its interests and its world dominance the United States has only one option. It must extend its global reach by imposing not just its military superiority everywhere, but also its administrative, legal and technical standards on international trade and finance.
Even if the sovereignty of unwilling nations be outraged
By Stephen Gowans, What's Left, 14 May 2003. Declaring free enterprise to be a summum bonum is a rather odd way to set out on the task of putting forward a plan to safeguard the U.S. Whatever has free enterprise, to actively work to bring...free markets and free trade to every corner of the world, to do with safeguarding the personal safety of ordinary Americans?
Perspective on the Australia-United States Free Trade Agreement (AUSTA)
A paper by Susan Hawthorne, August 2003. the way in which the US is using free trade and war in the development of its empire. Some focus on the impact on women and the role of fundamentalism.