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Protests Set At G-7 Meeting

By Roger Annis, The Militant, Vol.59, no.23, 12 June 1995

MONTREAL - A coalition of some 50 groups in Halifax, Nova Scotia, is organizing a week of activities to protest the policies of the Group of Seven (G-7) heads of state, who are holding a summit meeting in that city on June 15-17.The G-7 includes the United States, Germany, Japan, France, Great Britain, Italy and Canada.

We are organizing a People's Summit - P-7 we call it - to show that there are those who believe in alternative policies to what the G-7 leaders will be discussing, reports coordinator Sarah Shields.

The People's Summit coalition includes trade unions, women's rights groups, Cuba solidarity organizations, and groups which defend the rights of native peoples in Canada, Mexico, and Central America.

A series of workshops, conferences, and cultural events will run from June 10 to June 17. A demonstration against G- 7 policies of cutbacks to social services and democratic rights will be held on one of the days the heads of state will be meeting.

Clara Alonoso Suar├ęz of the Federation of Cuban Women and Paulina Mesa Cardenez and Barbara Sarria Aparicio of the National Union of Communication Workers of Cuba are scheduled to speak at People's Summit events.

Keynote speakers at other events include Robert White, president of the Canadian Labour Congress, and Ed Broadbent, former leader of the New Democratic Party, a party based in the trade union apparatus in English-speaking Canada.

Representatives of the Innu people of Labrador will speak at one public forum. They are presently fighting against the use of their territory for low-level jet aircraft flight training by Canada and other member countries of the NATO imperialist military alliance.

The G-7 leaders represent policies cutting health care, education, and other basic rights, said Sherri Cline of the Nova Scotia Cuba Association. Cuba is maintaining a priority on these and other vital services for its people, despite tremendous economic difficulties they face.

We think that Cuba is a model of development for other countries. That's why we want some voices of the Cuban people to be here during the Summit.