The global protest against the G8 capitalist nations

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Protests Set At G-7 Meeting
By Roger Annis, The Militant, 12 June 1995. A coalition of some 50 groups in Halifax, Nova Scotia, is organizing a week of activities to protest the policies of the Group of Seven (G-7) heads of state, who are holding a summit meeting in that city on June 15-17.The G-7 represents principal capitalist states.
Something Did Start in Quebec City: North America's Revolutionary Anti-Capitalist Movement
By Cindy Milstein, 13 June 2001. Quebec City's convergence, more than anything else, ushered in an explicitly anti-capitalist movement in North America—one spearheaded by anti-authoritarians (by and large, anarchists). That was our real victory in Quebec. But what caused this sudden sea change?
The left-wing Children's Crusade: Holding the next G8 summit in Kananaskis is a terrible mistake
By Eric Margolis, The Toronto Sun, 29 July 2001. A capitalist perspective: The ugly spasms of violence in the U.S., Canada, Sweden and, most recently, Italy, against the free-market industrial nations known as the G8 are being unduly dignified by the media as legitimate protests against social evils rather than what they really are: a mixture of leftist thuggery and juvenile hormones.
Taking on Big Brother
By Hasan Suroor, The Hindu, Sunday 29 July 2001. The way the anti-globalisation protests have been handled reflects the governing elite's increasingly adversarial attitude towards the people. But remarkably, general criticism is of the method used rather than the object of attack. There has been a remarkable agreement on the need for arguing against the way the industrialised world has been pushing its social and economic agenda in the name of globalisation.
Genoa and the New Language of Protest
By David Graeber, In These Times [14 August 2001]. Where once the only choice seemed to be between the Gandhian approach or outright insurrection—either Martin Luther King Jr. or Watts, with nothing in between—Ya Basta! has been trying to invent a completely new territory. The tutti bianci completely eschew any action that would cause harm to people or even property (usually), but at the same time do everything possible to avoid arrest or injury.
Six-hundred nazi infiltrators in Genoa: Ex-chief of Genoa police confirms
By Wu Ming, Saturday 1 September 2001. The presence of groups of far-rightist provocateurs. Black Bloc activists coming to town (a reference to 500 Britons); some Turin members of Forza Nuova (the most popular Italian Neo-fascist party) will form groups of 25–30 trustworthy militants to infiltrate the White Overalls and attack the police and discredit the left-wing.
Anti-capitalists take Canada's capital
By Eamon Martin, AGR, 28 June 2002. thousands of revolutionary anti-capitalists marched through the streets of Canada's capital city in solidarity demonstrations marked to coincide with the Group of Eight (G8) summit of Western industrial leaders taking place in the remote resort village of Kananaskis in Alberta. Two days of marches ended with demonstrators taking to the steps of the nation's parliament where protesters rallied against capitalism, fascism, war, exploitation, imperialism, and George W. Bush.
Thousands protest G8 in Calgary
Compiled by Sean Marquis, Asheville Global Report, 2 July 2002. As Group of Eight (G8) leaders met in the Rocky Mountain resort of Kananaskis, Canada, thousands took to the streets of Calgary, June 25–27 to protest the meeting and G8 policies. Activists are angry that the G8 leaders are making key decisions on major issues like third-world development, the economy and trade without input from ordinary people.
Days of resistance to the G8
A-Infos News Service, 15 May 2003. A document that was part of the organizing effort around Evian. The strategy; the schedule of events; meeting times and places.