Legal mass struggle in contemporary world history

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30,000 Mark Bombing Of Nagasaki Rallies Conclude World Conference Against Atomic And Hydrogen Bombs
By Robert Miller, The Militant, 4 September 1995. More than 30,000 people assembled in the Peace Park August 9 to mark the 50th anniversary of the U.S. atomic bombing of this city. Following an antinuclear march, 6,000 people rallied against nuclear weapons. Events were at the 1995 World Conference Against Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs, organized by the group Gensuikyo.
Nonviolence as a Political Philosophy FAQ
By Howard Ryan, 18 November 1997. A description of non-violence tactics that is based on recurrent themes found in the literature and the author's own interpretation. Brief bibliograpy of works in English.
Antiwar protests rock UK and US
By John Catalinotto, Workers World Friday 21 November 1997. Antiwar activists in the US and UK made rapid response demonstrations to the Clinton administration's attempts to whip up an anti-Iraq war fever.
World reacts to US, British Attacks
The Final Call, 21 December 1998. Condemnations, mass protests and demonstrations marked the end of the US led air bombing campaign against Iraq. Summaries of world public reaction to the US-British four day bombing campaign which started on December 15.
Naomi Klein's New New Left
By Tamara Straus, AlterNet, 22 August 2000. In L.A., Naomi Klein felt there was a danger of laundry list activism. The Canadian journalist and activist came to Los Angeles to join the protests surrounding the Democratic National Convention. The danger of sloppiness when everything is being repackaged.