The global protest against WTO trade liberalization

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The Empire's Trade Clothes
By Greg Guma, Toward Freedom, March 2001. Saying no to corporate tyranny in Quebec City and beyond. On the eve of 2000, shortly after compelling protests in Seattle derailed the ministerial meeting of the World Trade Organization (WTO), that leading branch of our unofficial world government launched a brief charm offensive.
Security fortress shuts down anti-WTO protest in Sydney
By James Regan, Agence France Presse, Friday 15 November 2002. Anti-globalisation protests fizzled on Friday after heavy security turned a World Trade Organisation (WTO) mini-summit site in Sydney into a fortress.
Global demonstration planned; Unfair trade regime only benefit the rich
By Shahidul Islam, The New Nation (Bangladesh), 7 September 2003. Major cities of the world will witness massive demonstrations on September 13 (date of Cancun WTO ministerial) when millions of people will protest to drum up support for economic and legal protection for the least developed countries (LDCs). Global system of unfair trade.
Anti-WTO Protesters Back on the Streets
Radio Havana Cuba, 12 October 2005. Protesters are taking to the streets this week around the world, staging demonstrations in the run-up to the December World Trade Organization ministerial conference in Hong Kong. Organizers of the protests say that the greatest frustrations to the neo-liberal policies promoted by the WTO have come at times of large-scale civil society mobilization.