Confronting the Breton Woods institutions

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Making the World Bank More Accountable: Activism in the North
By John Gershman, The North American Congress on Latin America, 21 July 1996. In early October last year, over one thousand marched to the site of the annual meetings of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which are held in Washington, D.C. every two out of three years. While Bank/IMF meetings in Europe have often been marked by big street demonstrations, this was the first large-scale action in the US.
Protest generation vows to grab reins of power as they prepare for battle of Prague
By Justin Huggler, The Independent, 18 September 2000. The world has a new protest generation, and it has arrived at the Prague meeting of bankers of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank.
States of Unrest: Resistance to IMF Policies in Poor Countries
By Jessica Woodroffe and Mark Ellis-Jones, World Development Movement Report, 28 September 2000. Since Seattle last year, the media has heralded the dawn of a new movement in Europe and America, epitomised by protests aimed at the WTO, IMF and the World Bank. However, in the global south, a far deeper and wide-ranging movement has been developing for years, largely ignored by the media.
Third World suffers demo backlash: CBC
By Leon Gettler, The Age, 14 May 2001. The thousands of anti-capitalist protesters who took over Quebec last month and their predecessors in Seattle, Prague and Melbourne can claim another victory. Third World politicians are now more inclined to blame their problems on the World Bank and International Monetary Fund than on their own mismanagement and ill-conceived policies. This is counterproductive for the world's poor.