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Subject: IMPERIALISM: ‘Velvet’ Coup Watch: From A(zerbaijan) to Z(imbabwe)

US, Britain, Soros plan Yugoslav model ‘Rose Revolution’ in Zimbabwe

Geopolitica by Artel, 10 December 2004

According to information which Artel has obtained, workers of the “Center for Nonviolent Resistance” which is registered here as an agency which deals with political consulting for Non-Governmental, youth and student organizations which carry out civilian campaigns, and has as a goal the “democratization” of society, and trains members of the “Movement for Democratic Change” from Zimbabwe, whose goal is the toppling of President Robert Mugabe.

The main sponsor of this action is Great Britain. Instruction of members of the “Movement for Democratic Change” in Zimbabwe should last 5 days and workers of “Movement for Democratic Change”, in addition to paid travel and housing, will receive a ten thousand dollar honorarium. In addition to workers of the “Center for Non-Violent Resistance” people from the Czech Republic and Poland will also be trained.

The agency “Center for Non-Violent Resistance”, contains former members of the organization Otpor.

Among significant financiers of this organization is “Freedom House𔄢 which is the stalking horse for Soros.

“Center for Non-Violent Resistance” is a member of the “International Center for Non-Violent Battle” which has developed the method of “non-violent battle”, i.e., the method of non-violent regime change which is a function of the West, and is never a function of the citizens in whose name such non-violent regime state is supposedly instituted.

As opposed to armed resistance, this is a relatively cheap method of effecting political and economic systems of a state in their own interest.

Thus, the toppling of Milosevic cost only 41 million dollars while Saddam Hussein, where bare power was used to effect these changes has cost near 100 billion dollars.

Because of this the “method of non-violent battle”, which should be seen as a global phenomenon, and which should be seen as only one means in low intensity conflicts, is gaining ever greater force and presents a serious threat to the sovereignty and national security of many nations.

If this means is to be resisted those nations must also act globally, on various terrains, using foremost methods of social engineering, media, non-governmental organizations which function in lands in which operate “centers of non-violent resistance” and similar NGOs.

The very act of toppling President Mugabe from the shadows, London must carry this out through opposition parties. The “Movement for Democratic Change” which supports the concept of neo-liberal economics behind which stands the IMF and World Bank. That is the concept urged on the citizens of Serbia as well which is carried out by the party pseudonymously as G17+.

Financial, as well as political support for “Movement for Democratic Change” comes from London as well as from some super-national centers, of particular note Soros's organizations which desires to grab for itself some of the richer natural resources of Zimbabwe.

With the toppling of Mugabe, the English want to return their influence in Zimbabwe which they lost in 1980. After Zimbabwe's liberation in 1980 Great Britain lost all control over and means of exploitation of Zimbabwe's natural riches.