World War III: The attack in southern Africa

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Hands off Zimbabwe
Editorial, Workers World, 29 August 2002. The Bush administration announced it will work to overthrow President Robert Mugabe, who is now carrying out a long-promised land reform. Neither the U.S. government nor the UK nor any of the imperialist countries in Western Europe or NATO have any right or any business whatsoever intervening to undermine the Zimbabwe government, let alone sending military forces to intimidate or invade that people.
U.S. threatens to intervene
By G. Dunkel, Workers World, 21 November 2002. The U.S. government is using hunger as an excuse to threaten Zimbabwe with military intervention. The maneuver is similar to when Washington used the 1993 food crisis in Somalia as a pretext to carry out a military invasion.
Mugabe says Britain, U.S. try to colonize Zimbabwe
By Crisp Chinaka, Reuters AlertNet, 18 April 2003. Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe accused Britain and the United States on Friday of trying to “recolonise” the southern African country by leading an international campaign against his policies.
US Demands Opposition Leader's Release
The Daily News (Harare), 18 June 2003. The US demanded the release from detention and the dismissal of treason charges levelled against opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) leader Morgan Tsvangirai. The MDC president was arrested on the last day of anti-government protests called by his party two weeks ago, which shut down most of industry and commerce and brought most of Zimbabwe to a halt for five days.
US, Britain, Soros plan Yugoslav model ‘Rose Revolution’ in Zimbabwe
Geopolitica by Artel, 10 December 2004. The “Center for Nonviolent Resistance” NGO, which is backed by the UK, has as a goal the “democratization” of society and toppling of President Robert Mugabe. As opposed to armed resistance, this is a relatively cheap method of effecting political and economic systems of a state in their own interest.