Attack in the Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

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Security Council temporarily lifts Libya sanctions
South News, 7 January 1999. The UN Security Council agreed to temporarily lift its embargo on Libya to allow Saudi ambassador and South African under-foreign secretary to fly to Tripoli to try to secure agreement from Muammar Qadhafi for the Lokerbie trial to take place in The Hague.
Un journal libyen n'écarte pas une confrontation mondiale
Panafrican News Agency, 26 December 2000. L'organe des Comités populaires libyens, n'écarte pas une confrontation mondiale provoquée par les pressions exercées par les pays occidentaux sur ceux du sud afin de les obliger à inonder le marché international de pétrole, provoquant ainsi une baisse des prix.
Lessons from Qaddafi
By Ronald Bruce St. John, The Progressive Response, 17 March 2002. In April 1986 American pilots bombed multiple targets in Libya, including the French embassy and civilian sites. It was in response to alleged Libyan involvement in a string of terrorist incidents. The Qaddafi regime responded almost immediately to the attack in a string of terrorist reprisals lasting almost four years.