Attack in the Maghreb and Sahara region

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Oil, Al-Qaeda and the US military
By Ritt Goldstein, Asia Times, 30 March 2004. While United States concerns about terrorism in the Africa's Maghreb and Sahel region have been increasingly voiced, critics of the administration of President George W Bush say that the ongoing US pursuit of energy resources lies behind them.
U.S. army trains Africans to fight desert militants
By Nick Tattersall, Reuters, The Union Tribune (San Diego), 10 June 2005. One thousand military experts from the United States are training soldiers from nine West African countries as U.S. fears grow that an Algerian militant group allied to al Qaeda is broadening its base in the region.
U.S. eyes Sahara Desert in global terror war
By Jason Motlagh, The Washington Times, 17 November 2005. The U.S. government will spend $500 million on an expanded program to secure a vast new front in its global war on terrorism: the Sahara Desert. Critics say the region is not a terrorist zone. They add that heavy-handed military and financial support that reinforces authoritarian regimes in North and West Africa could fuel radicalism where it scarcely exists.