World War III: The attack in the Sudan

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Dr. Hassan Turabi—a chief ‘terrorist’ or a champion of Islam?
By Ali Baghdadi, Mid-east Realities, 2 March 1997. Dr. Hassan Turabi, Sudan's politician and scholar who is highly respected throughout the Muslim World, and who voices the most tolerant version of political Islam in which Muslims, Christians and all other religions can live peacefully together, is labeled by the United States government as a “terrorist” and a threat to America and Sudan's neighbors.
Opposition Politicians To Face Trial
Panafrican News Agency (Khartoum), 13 January 2001. Six Sudanese opposition leaders accused of conspiring with the US to destabilise the Khartoum government are soon to face trial. Sudanese State security said it arrested six members of the opposition National Democratic Alliance (NDA) at a meeting they were holding with Glenns Warren, a diplomat in the US Embassy in Khartoum.
‘We're Not a Terrorist State,’ Says Khartoum's Ambassador
Interview with Sudan's Ambassador to the United States, Khidir Haroun Ahmed,, 19 November 2001. Relation of Sudan and the U.S. The issue of slave trading. Issue of Bin Laden's relations with the Sudan. Hamas and other Palestinian groups. Cooperation with U.S. anti-terrorism campaign. U.S. impact on peace talks with SPLA.