World War III: The attack in West Africa

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U.S. trains African troops to fight terrorism
By Edward Harris, Associated Press, 22 March 2004. The exercise was part of a months-long American effort to train troops in Mali and three other impoverished West African nations where Islamist militants linked to al Qaeda are suspected to have operated. The U.S. Pan-Sahel Initiative program to help soldiers in Mali, Niger, Chad and Mauritania boost their battle skills amid the worldwide fight against terrorism.
US suspects terror African diamond link
Financial Times, 29 June 2004. The US is stepping up its anti-terrorist efforts in west Africa amid continuing controversy over alleged links between al-Qaeda and the smuggling of Sierra Leonean diamonds through Liberia. Washington has begun looking more closely at terrorist financing in a region where the US military is increasingly active.
What is Paul Wolfowitz up to in Chad?
By Deirdre Griswold, Workers World, 14 January 2006. Wolfowitz was moved over to control the World Bank's billions. He suspended loans to Chad, one of the poorest nations in the world. He suspended a $124 million loan already set aside. So why is the money being frozen?
Ghana to host US military base?
Ghana Web, 22 February 2006. The U.S. is seriously considering the establishment of a military base in Ghana for the sole purpose of protecting its access to West African oil. the Pentagon was seeking to acquire access to two kinds of bases in Senegal, Ghana, Mali and Kenya and other African countries. By 2015 West Africa alone will supply 25 per cent of America's imported oil.