The attack in Nigeria

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America's Monkey Business in Nigeria
Opinion by Owei Lakemfa, Vanguard (Lagos), 29 August 2000. In the specific case of the Niger Delta which has produced the so-called troublesome people like Ken Saro-Wiwa and the Egbesu Movement, the Americans have decided to promote a military rather than a democratic solution. So they have offered our Navy eight fast attack patrol vessels to strengthen the Navy's capacity to bring the undisguised rebellion in the oil producing Niger Delta to an end.
‘Us Military in Nigeria to Revamp Armed Forces’
By Collins Edomaruse, This Day (Lagos), 10 July 2001. Revamping the military to enable it attain professionalism, physical and mental fitness, and be in position to play its constitutional roles under a democratic dispensation. Sharing the American experience in the area of civil-military relations, strategic long-term planning, and military budget defence.