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From: The Last Church <michael@the-last-church.org>
Newsgroups: alt.cybercafes
Subject: You need to know
Date: Sun, 13 Sep 1998 12:47:58 -0700
Organization: http://www.the-last-church.org
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Message-ID: <35FC216E.88E1E53C@the-last-church.org>

You need to Know

By an "Inside Source"
13 Septebmer 1998

Received word one hour ago from an inside source on the following:

An unnamed Federal Agency held a three hour meeting on Friday 9-11-98 with all the employees and related the following information.( Prior to the start of the meeting the people were briefed there will be no notes, recordings, memos or hard copy of this meeting what so ever.)

The people were told to start IMMEDIATELY gathering food stuffs, bottled water, medical supplies, medications, gas masks, protective chemical suits (MOPP GEAR) and to aquire/purchase weapons and ammo to defend their homes if they barricaded the home because they could not get out of town Immediately...

The KEY WORDS 'Chemical, Biological attacks, TERRORIST attacks were used during the briefing.

The reason for the no notes etc. is obvious, ' Plausible Deniability' i.e.; we never briefed or passed that information on to our employees.

No other time frame was used or referred to other than "IMMEDIATELY". That could mean the Feds are about to unleash something to take the heat off Washington and the oral orfice oops oval office.

This unnamed agency also confirmed the the Y2K problem is real and is being seen in their day today operations.

The source of this information is known to us and is reliable. Also this source stated that the briefing shook several of the people that were in denial ( River in Egypt ) down to their boots.

This is just a brief summary of the meeting as we have not had the chance to sit down with the source for a full debriefing. Note that the meeting took THREE ( 3 ) HOURS. So there was a lot of info covered that we do not have access to at this time.

Pass this on if you feel this is justified or hold until you can confirm through your own sources about the above information. I feel this is important enough to pass on ASAP, as we know how that group of people work to achieve their goals.

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