The History of Millenialism

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Alarming Rise in Natural Disasters
By Thalif Deen, IPS, 24 July 1998. Millennialism looks to natural disasters as portents of the apocalypse. It does not help that indeed there are some serious emerging environmental concerns.
Y2K__Churches Prepare, Doomsday Chic
From AmericanAtheists News, 20 August 1998. Re. the startling Angst in the religious Fundamentalist/Evangelical culture in the U.S. concerning the Y2K or "year 2000" computer problem.
You need to Know
By an "Inside Source," 13 Septebmer 1998. Example of how occult truths about a looming disaster can be spread.
The Millenium Bug: A Time Bomb in the Heart of Industrial Economies
Should we prepare for the blast or the fallout? By Roberto Verzola, 17 September 1998. A secular doomsday view of Y2K problem.
National Guard Ready to Act on Eve of 2000
By Amy Rinard, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 7 October 1998. Millennialism can result from a feeling of personal powerlessness. The local electric company here tries to respond to this obsession.
The Bug in the Bomb: The Impact of the Year 2000 Problem on Nuclear Weapons
From the British American Security Information Council, 21 November 1998. The most powerful man made devices will naturally go off at the turn of the millenium and usher in the armageddon because of the intervention of forces that are hidden from most people.
Isrealis Tighten Security in Anticipation of Millennial Cult Madness, "Jerusalem Syndrom"
From American Atheists News, 26 November 1998. Israel is the natural focus of eschatological and apocalyptic thought, and the Israeli government must prepare for possible chaos at the turn of the millennium.
The Millenium Frenzy
By Jeremy Seabrook, May 1999. Anxiety arises out of Western global hegemony and a fear that this uncontrolled dominance may be a progenitor of doom. Having fun seems the major achievement of Western civilization.
The Chinese threat: made in the USA
By Eric Jackson, 21 August 1999. Fears of the unkown arising from social anxiety naturally discover hidden conspiracies by outsiders of a different race. Here the Red Chinese turn out to be in control of the Panama Canal.
On the Cusp of the Millennium__Martyrs, Prayer Wars and UFO Visitations
From American Atheists News, 13 September 1999. A historical view of the apogee of religious fantasy at the turning of the millennium. Re. the lunatic fringe of Prayer Warriers and UFO-ologists.
Robertson Spreading More Millennium Panic__ Armageddon as a Cash Cow
From American Atheists News, 29 September 1999. Preaching the apocalypse pays.
"Omega Code" Stokes Fears of End Times
From American Atheist News, 25 October 1999. For many Christians, and even a good number of new agers and secular apocalyptics, the transition to the year 2000 is an event overflowing with significance. Here re. the "Christian thriller" movie "Omega Code."
Details Emerge on "Project Megido" Warning of Y2K Violence
Christian Identity, Black Hebrew Israelites Among Groups Cited: But Is It Real? From American Atheist News, 31 October 1999. Project Megido is preparation by FBI for social anarchy at the turn of the millennium.
New Proof Mobiles Make You Lose Your Memory
From Sunday Mirror, 3 November 1999. A loss of vital powers due new popular technology. Cellular mobile phones are sufficiently popular and technologically advanced to cause a loss of a personal power.