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Avoiding Understanding Islam!
From 12 January, 1995. Re typical misunderstandings.
Dialog from political-islam list on Islamic fundamentalism
January, 1995.
The Challenge of Inclusion in the Middle East
By Augustus Richard Norton, in Current History, January 1995. Democracy and Islamist movements.


Christianity: Revolutionary or Reactionary?
By David Zink, originally in Works in Progress, May, 1991. A defense of Christianity.
Pope's Visit: Political Reaction in Religious Garb
By Lal Roohk, in Worker's World, 12 October, 1995. John Paul III's visit to the U.N.


FactNews Scientology Emergency Briefing
15 April, 1997. FACTNet vs. Scientology copyright litigation.
MAJ: South Africa's Psychiatric 'Slave' Labor Camps
By, 1 August, 1997. Extracts from Hubbard.

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