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Date: Mon, 3 Nov 1997 02:02:27 +0200
Sender: African Network of IT Experts and Professionals (ANITEP) List
From: LJP <lperlman@AZTEC.CO.ZA>

African cellular resource web site launches live chatroom facility

Press release, [3 November 1997]

Bridges communications gap for African and global mobile phone and telecomms enthusiasts.

African Cellular Resource (ACR), the hugely popular South African-based Internet Web site dedicated to cellular and telecommunications in Africa, has launched a unique live Telecommunications and Cellular Chatroom facility on the site.

ACR—at Web address—has been a huge success since it's inception in April this year, with over 620,000 hits recorded. While the site is aimed primarily at cellular users and telecommunications in Africa, it's strong, complementary global cellular component has attracted recurrent visitors from around the world.

The new ACR Chatroom facility now allows enthusiasts and professionals from around the world to easily communicate with one another in real time on specific cellular and telecommunications issues from one convenient, contextually-relevant location.

The Web site has almost doubled in size since it's inception, with over 300 pages now accessible. It is updated daily to keep pace with the frenetic growth of the IT, cellular and telecommunications sectors. The ACR site is considered as one of the most comprehensive of it's kind in the world and certainly the most comprehensive site covering the African region.

Visitors can view an extensive compilation of the specifications and pictures of the latest GSM cellphones available. Visitors to the ACR site can also access a listing of a number of secret cellphone functions designed to enhance their cellphone usage. With the new Chatroom facility, visitors wanting advice on functions and features can now call on a large body of surfers to the ACR site for their live input.

The site also boasts a large Mobile Office section, a detailed and updated list of the world's cellular networks, including extensive details of the world's cellular standards and packet radio networks.

A large hyper-linked Glossary section provides information on a wide range of cellular, computing and telecommunications issues. There is also an updated New Products and Services section, with a number world-first launches of GSM-related products.

The African Cellular Resource can be found at .