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History of the environment and the internal factors of African economic history

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   History of Africa as a whole
   History of the African economy index
   Neocolonialism and the external factors of African economic history
   History of the African structural adjustment

Development in general

Africa's economic woes reflect global crisis
From People's Democracy. 1995. Newspaper of the Communist Party of India. Africa's relative and absolute lack of economic development.
Changing African Cities
A brief introduction to the work of the Coalition for the Development of Urban Africa, 25 March 1997. Africa has rapidly become an urbanized continent, and urban life brings the region's enormous vitality and imagination together with a wide array of challenges about how to make cities work and sustainable.
COMESA states urged to maintain peace
By Mildred Mulenga, PANA, 30 June 1998. Leaders the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa at Kinsha summit reiterate the need to maintain peace and security in the region as COMESA moves towards the establishment of a free trade area by the year 2000.
Court Set up to Boost Economic Cooperation in Africa
From Xinhua, 3 February 1999. Re. the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) special court to enhance economic development through market integration.
OAU Says Integration Is Only Road To Competitiveness
From PANA, 3 March 1999. Dakar forum concludes Africa must overcome its balkanization if it is to benefit through international trade.
Africa Registers The Fastest growing Economy. . .But
By Lewis Machipisa, IPS, 5 May 1999. Africa remains deeply entrenched in poverty, although it registered the fastest growing economy than any other region last year, according to a new report by the UN Economic Commission for Africa (ECA).

Internal capacities for development

A Letter to the African Patriot
By Femi Akomolafe. 1994. Re pan-African solidarity.
A dialog on race
A dialog from the African Global Experience forum. 4 January, 1995. To what extent is race a factor in Africa's lack of development?
The Danger of Failure to Unite as Africans
By Emmanuel K. Twesigye, OWU. 26 February, 1995.
Food supply situation and crop prospects in Sub-Saharan Africa
Global Information and Early Warning System on Food and Agriculture. Press release by Food and Agriculture Organization, May 1996. FAO says sharply higher cereal prices make sub-Saharan Africa's food security outlook precarious.
Best and Brightest Head West
By Thalif Deen, IPS, 10 February 1999. Africa's "Brain Drain."
African Scientists Endorse Genetically Modified Food
By Judith Achieng', IPS, 20 July 1999. A growing number of African scientists are slowly accepting the idea of genetically modified food as a solution to the continent's perennial food crisis.
IMF blames African nations for improper use of loans
By Samuel Nduati, The Nation (Nairobi) 21 August 1999. [IMF attributes Africa's misery to its own shortcomings, not neocolonialism.]
AIDS Plants Crop of Death in Africa
By Jon Jeter, in the Washington Post, 12 December 1999. Loss of manpower resources because of AIDS.

Environmental history of Africa as a whole

African Environmental Research & Consulting Group (AERCG)
1994 Annual Report. A group of Africans in the US concerned about African socio-environmental decay.
Rumbles in the Jungle. Overview & Commentary
By Tim Judah, in Mail and Guardian (Johannesburg), 30 July 1999. Conservationists fight to stop logging and hunting in the last rainforest in Central Africa despite grassroots needs.