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History of African structural adjustment

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Governance, Economics, and Interdependence: Constraints and Possibilities in Sub-Saharan Africa
By Julius O. Ihonvbere. 9-12 June, 1994. Re. World Bank, "good governance," structural adjustment and democratization (49 Kb).
OAU appeals to U.S. not to cut aid to Africa
From Information, 16 January, 1995. OAU notes that Africa has undertaken "reforms."
African NGOs on World Bank IDA Financing
A position paper of the Africa Policy Information Center. 12 February, 1995. The International Development Association (IDA) is a branch of the World Bank and here replies to African NGOs who say that structural adjustment is hard on the poor.
Re. SAPs
By Peter Limb, 11 August 1995. Some bibliographic citations.
Africa: Where have all the dismissed workers gone?
From People's Weekly World, 19 August, 1995. Re. structural adjustment.
What happened to the democratisation dividend?
By Luc Demaret, ICFTU OnLine, 14 May, 1997. Conference being called in Dakar to discuss the disastrous effects of structural adjustment programs on the population of Africa and their contribution to political repression.
Africa-Development: Poverty Tightens its Stranglehold
By Gumisai Mutume, InterPress Service, 11 June, 1997. Re twin millstones of debt and structural adjustment programs.
Final resolution of the Preparatory Committee on the International Tribunal on Africa
Johannesburg, Sunday, February 28, 1999. A preparatory meeting for the International Tribunal on Africa was held in Johannesburg on February 27 and 28. A meeting on Africa's survival organised by the Socialist Party of Azania, trade union leaders from Azania (South Africa) and the International Liaison Committee for a Workers' International (ILC).
A Survey of the Impacts of IMF Structural Adjustment in Africa: Growth, Social Spending, and Debt Relief
By Robert Naiman and Neil Watkins (Research Associates at the Preamble Center) April 1999. The data reviewed in this study suggest that the International Monetary Fund has failed in Africa, in terms of its own stated objectives and according to its own data.
Scholars Seek New Economic Programme For Africa
By Lewis Machipisa, IPS, 6 August 1999. Growing call in Africa to revive the African Alternative Framework to Structural Adjustment Programmes (AFF-SAP), which has been in the archive for 10 years.