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Maghreban labor class renews attachment to unified Maghreban entity

ArabicNews.com, 22 October 1998

The secretariat general of the Union of Maghreban Trade Unions renewed the Maghreban working class’ attachment to a unified regional entity.

Following a meeting over the weekend in Tunis of delegates from Maghreban trade unions and members of the unions, the secretariat general deemed that a unified entity is a natural and adequate framework for the development of Maghreban countries and of the peoples of the region in the respect of the workers’ basic rights and individual freedoms.

Participants called on Maghreban civil society to endeavor to avert the collapse of the UMA construction project. They also called for seizing the commemoration of the 10th UMA anniversary (end of this year) to lift all obstacles hindering the Maghreban construction process.

The meeting renewed solidarity with the Libyan people facing consequences of the embargo and called for lifting these sanctions.