The working-class history of North Africa as a whole

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Maghreban labor class renews attachment to unified Maghreban entity, 22 October 1998. The secretariat general of the Union of Maghreban Trade Unions renewed the Maghreban working class’ attachment to a unified regional entity. Participants called on Maghreban civil society to endeavor to avert the collapse of the UMA project.
Maghreban Unionists call for reactivating regional union, 17 February 1999. Maghreban trade unions call for the reactivation of the Arab Maghreb Union (UMA), whose activities have been halted since 1994. Only a strong and united Maghreb can guarantee development and take up the challenges of globalization, the Maghreban unionists said at their council meeting. Their meeting on the 10th anniversary of the creation of the UMA.
Unions give lukewarm verdict on tens years of the Arab Maghreb Union (UMA)
ICFTU OnLine..., 23 February 1999. USTMA: The Arab Maghreb Union (UMA) has not achieved its objectives nor has it been capable of integrating a social dimension into its work.t Te economic and social integration of the five Maghreb countries union (the UMA, created in February 1989) is essential for the region’s development, but has made no progress. Created in December 1989, the USTMA, based in Tunis, has close relations with the ICFTU.
Tunisia to Host Maghreb Workers Union Congress
Panafrican News Agency (Dakar), 5 April 2001. The Maghreb Workers Trade Union holds its congress in Tunis to map out strategies for the region’s economic development. The decision to convene the congress was reached during the 28th session of the Arab Labour Organisation (ALO) held in Amman (brief).
Maghreb Trade Unions Hold Congress in Tunis, 3 July 2001. Participants from labor unions in Algeria, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco and Tunisia, look into a set of issues that include the Arab Maghreb labor union statute and relations between the trade union and the Arab Maghreb Union.
ICFTU-USTMA Declaration Enhanced co-operation with the Maghreb
ICFTU OnLine..., 29 November 2001. Declaration of cooperation between the Arab Magreb Workers (USTMA) and the ICFTU, to promote international trade union solidarity and trade unionism in the Maghreb.
UMA trade union calls war in Iraq: declaration of war on all humanity 26 March 2003. The American-British aggression against Iraq is a declaration of war on all humanity and an attempt to expand the American hegemony in the world, said the Arab Maghreb Union (UMA)’s trade union.