The contemporary political history of
North Africa as a whole

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Tunisia, Libya Explore Joint Venture Opportunities
Panafrican News Agency, 23 July 2000. Prime Minister Mohamed Ghannouchi of Tunisia and the Director-General of the Libyan foreign investment agency, Mouhamed Ali el Houij, in Tunis to discuss bilateral cooperation and joint venture opportunities.
Polisario urged to free more Moroccans
BBC News, Friday 15 December 2000. A foreign ministry statement demanded the immediate and unconditional release of nearly fifteen-hundred Moroccan prisoners held by Polisario. It also accused Polisario of using them for forced labour.
Ben Ali au Maroc: conforter des relations fraternelles et ancestrales
Tunisie diplomatie (Tunis), 19 July 2001. L’arrivée à Tanger du président tunisien. L’accent sur le renforcement de la coopération économique entre Tunis et Rabat en soulignant la volonté du Roi Mohamed VI de réactiver l’Union du Maghreb Arabe (UMA).
Morocco Teams Up With Algeria Against Terror
Al-Jazeerah, 20 June 2003. Morocco and Algeria, uneasy North African neighbors, but both battling extremists, have begun to cooperate against terrorism despite frosty relations. Relations between Morocco and Algeria have been tense for more than 25 years, mainly due to a territorial dispute over the Western Sahara, claimed by the Algerian-backed Polisario Front independence movement but largely controlled by Morocco.