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Subject: His majesty’s Famous War Speech to UN (1963)
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His majesty’s Famous War Speech to UN (1963)

By Haile Sallassie, 1963

Esteemed President, honoured delegates;

27 Years ago today, it was by reminding for the then League of Nations in Geneva Switzerland, for the aggression and invasion that had arrived upon our country Ethiopia, and for the consequent banquet of destruction that was necessary for mankind’s peaceful living—or that the conscience of the world be awakened by it. This history witnessed the accuracy of the basic warning that We spoke in 1936. Behold, We have stood again today to ratify Our Word before the World General Assembly that became heir to that League of Nations that was demolished in a frightening manner. . .

And this General Assembly—the basic principle of Collective Security that We had argued at Geneva—is what We kept and what We follow to make it an Assembly where mankind reposed, in order to likewise repose his hopes to live in Peace.And today the basic principle of Collective Security is worked on it, being preserved and opened. The United Nations Covenant is what grasped the lofty principle that enables your dreamers of mankind to eliminate any differences that exist between nations, yet to make lest force be worked thereby; to ensure that all mankind without being separated by race, gender, language or religion have basic freedom and that human rights be protected for it; and to make world Peace and security be preserved. However, because these principles that had been revealed within the former League of Nations Covenant were only words, it is only when they are found respected and observed, by causing them to reveal an interpretation in Work, that they can have value. Or are the weak and small states, upon whom it was judged that they honour and fulfill this Covenant, enemies?

Even if it is found to be necessary in order to keep Peace and in order to do, speak and work that they honour mankind’s basic right of freedom, being proud to receive torture and to die for truth and lofty judgement is the diligence that they shall not interrupt in order that any international obligation be honoured and kept, and this practice that they benefit in order that it be honoured. And this is a lesson that is due each generation to know and to preserve. However the generation is fortunate that can learn this lesson from past history, without being in the bitter chalice that arrives upon itself.

Therefore, we have a great and heavy responsibility to make that any generation can live in Peace, by making the present troubles known through the knowledge that this General Assembly, and each member, found as a past history lesson. After it were told in knowledge and humility, if it is hindered from working at it thus, that generation will be considered as convicted to enter within tribulations.

We Ourselves, by Our having passed through many troubles and trials in Our Life era, for one who estimates with regard to people administering their own Life and private benefit. . .[break in tape]. . . We are not surprised by the sympathetic feeling of spirit that they show. In a situation whereby it is said there is a worrisome situation that delivers the total destruction of the entire world and even at the present time, whereby any state’s future fortunes are preserved, it has become dangerous for you to believe that it has passed of its own will and been given into the trust of another. However to speak what is worthy of our amazement, it is to produce a condition whereby our security and our peaceful living can be kept by this great Assembly, and when meant for welfare of all the world’s humanity, to eliminate dependence only upon private and national interests.But until this happens, we must be convinced that Peace is unattainable and that mankind’s future living is in a worrisome situation.

We are willing to mention here all the important problems that were disturbing for world security an obstacles for the matter of Peace.And these are to bring about the reduction of war arsenals, and the right of equality among persons. In our present time, the foremost pressing and obligatory matter is the reduction of war arsenals. Without saying Reducing war arsenals, or destroying all nuclear weapons will be what immediately establishes Peace, and what immediately eliminates whatever differences of opinion and disagreements that exist between governments—when it is estimated what kind of Power is the Power of destruction found in mankind today, it does not embolden one to say There is another matter more pressing and obligatory for the world, that surpassed the destruction of war arsenals.

Weapons, beginning with the Stone Age, have remained as bad for the seed of man, destroyers for the seed of man.And even if it takes time to clarify and gather, and to arrange what is neccesary for preservation, the foundation will give rest to the conscience of mankind.

The treaty signed in order that the testing of nuclear weapons in the Air should cease, and that Ethiopia supported, is in saying At least in part, it will move toward the unattainable goal of utterly eliminating war weapons. The crux of the matter, is in realizing that noone can escape from the total destruction of a nuclear war, and in saying To make lest the situation worsen, that there is now between the countries that were nuclear powers, who agreed to sign all this, and in order that the United Nations Organization, and we, the members, can think and do something that rectifies our world, it will be able to give us time to even exhale.

The struggle made concerning the achievement of mankind’s right of equality, as they are found written in the pages of history, is for the attempt made by the violence that had arrived especially against the countries of Africa and Asia in the past several years.

It is recalled that in the past May, the leaders of the African states had made a lofty council in our capital city of Addis Abeba. By the practice that the leaders of thirty two states fulfilled within the meeting time of three days, if there was good will and determination, it has now shown amply to reach the goal, that the common benefit of peoples or governments regarding the administration of diverse cultures and faiths should find measure, and to find the equality and brotherhood that we all desire.

Likewise with regard to observing racial differences, unless the belief were eliminated as lacking value, that is said The one race is better than the other race; unless first and second class citizenship were cancelled within one country; unless one person being greater or lesser only by his skin color ceased; unless equal economic and similar human rights were given to all people without regard to racial differences; until the day when all this just listed above is fulfilled, it has taught Us that the legal and proper administration of the world that we all weary for and desire shall be unattainable, and likewise it will be worrisome lest all the attempts we make that Peace live firmly in the world should be a goal remaining an empty desire.

Until our brothers found in South Africa, Angola, and Mozambique proceed free from this yoke of slavery, until the voice of all Africans and Asians is considered or heard at a level of equality on the world stage, it will be problematic to say that the continents of Africa and Asia fully have Peace. We Africans shall not interrupt our struggle. And there is no doubt that good will finally defeat evil and that We shall prevail.

The basis of racial distinction and colonial oppression is economic. Likewise, it is by economic means that oppressive practices will be eliminated. And at the council or African leaders at Addis Abeba, in meaning that African countries help the Africans found at the foot of colonialism in the struggle they make to proceed free from the yoke of slavery that is upon them, they have determined that full economic sanctions be made and put into effect. Because it seems to Me that this procedure will lead these stubborn nations toward a path of thinking, and because it agrees with all the principles, we beg the indulgence of all the United Nations Members to put them into effect. It does not seem to Us that if there is another choice, the governments of South Africa and Portugal will want to weary their countries economically. Let us do all possible for us when we find the chance before time passes. Without taking violent steps...

[break in tape]

...We will go. At the present time, it is due even for large states to remember that the authority to determine their fortune is not only in their hands. To live in Peace requires all of us working together. It is known who was able to make the first fire; and all of our fortunes are one. Either to be destroyed, or to be saved. None of us wants destruction. All of us want ignorance, poverty, need and sickness to be eliminated in this world. All of us human kind wants nuclear war not to happen to it. The problems that face the world today are much heavier than the problems that happened before now. Mankind turns the pages of history to proceed from the trouble he is in, but he did not find the solution. This is the great test. If it were desired that we be saved from destruction, if we follow the Law of God, we must live better together as is possible for us. If we wish to live, where will we find the key to be saved from the clash and heavy problem that precedes us in our time? We must turn and look to our Creator Who gave mankind the Power of thought, making him more than animals. We must believe that He Who created man in His Image will not quit him to destroy himself. We must look to ourselves from here and there and examine by ourselves. We must be what we were not, what was not before now. We must be found as being braver, stronger, stronger in spirit, wider in heart, than what was before now. We must become a new race that His faithfulness made for all mankind, without it being for one state that He left the benefit.