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Official in Sudanese National Conference confirms existence of extremists in the party

ArabicNews.com, 3 September 1999

An official in ruling Sudan’s National Conference Party said there are extremists the party who are against the national reconciliation process.

Mohamed Adam Hakoub, an official in the contact liaison of the party, said he considered these extremists as a normal phenomena that exist in any political organization, adding that everybody would be committed to the opinion of the majority.

In statements to the Sudanese newspaper El-Sahafa published yesterday, Hakoub also said there is a duality in the leadership of the ruling party between Sudanese President Omar El-Bashir and his secretary-general, Hassan Turabi.

Hakoub hinted that the conference of the party to be held in October will choose only one person to lead the party, pointing out that this will push the process forward.

Hakoub refused to reveal in his statements the name of the person nominated for the post, adding we are talking about positions and structure, not persons.