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Ummah party, communists accused of Khartoum blasts

ArabicNews.com 7 July 1998

The Sudanese National Conference, the only political organization declared in Sudan, has accused the Ummah party and the communist party of being behind blasts that took place in Khartoum last week. The blasts targeted in particular electricity grid networks.

Secretary of the conference’s political department Muhammad al-Hassan al-Amin said in a statement to the Sudanese daily Akhbar al-Saa (hour news) that the leader of the Ummah party, al-Sadeq al-Mahdi, and his son Abdul Rahman, both currently in exile, planned these explosions which have been carried out by supporters of the Ummah party and the communist party.

Last week, al-Mahdi denied any involvement by the Ummah party in the explosions. He accused extremists inside people’s defense forces of carrying out the blasts. These forces are semi-governmental militias.