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Date: Thu, 4 Dec 1997 11:40:56 -0500
Sender: The African Global Experience <AGE-L@UGA.CC.UGA.EDU>
From: Marpessa Kupendua <nattyreb@IX.NETCOM.COM>
Subject: !*The Plight of the Sudanese Women under the NIF(National Islamic Front) Regime

Date: Thu, 04 Dec 1997 18:54:49 +0400
From: sidahmed <sidahmed@emirates.net.ae
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Subject: The Plight of the Sudanese Women under the NIF(National Islamic Front) Regime

The Memorandum Issued by the Sudanese [Nat]ional Women’s Alliance

Sudanese Women’s Association, 30 Novemer 1997

In the Name of God: the Merciful the Compassionate

Mr. Salim Ahmed Salim, Secretary General of the OAU
Mr. Ismat Abdel Majeed, Secretary General of the Arab League
Mr. Chair of the International Human Rights Organization
Ms. Chair of the UN Women’s Committee
Messrs. Arab Lawyers Union
Messrs. Amnesty International Organization
Messrs. Arab League Educational, Scientific f Cultural Organization
Messrs. Heads of Diplomatic Missions in Khartoum
Mr. U.N. Permanent Representative in Sudan

Greetings and Appreciation:

Please allow us to address you and to address through you the peoples and women of the world knowing very well that you are following with concern what is going on in the Sudan, and the suffering, humiliation, and oppression the Sudanese people are subjected to.

The inhumane practices of the National Islamic Front (NIF) regime, especially with regard to women, are numerous to the extent that they cannot be stated in this limited space. However, we are focusing on the human rights violations that are conducted with disregard to the international conventions or the resolutions of human rights committees that all call for the respect and protection of freedoms with special consideration and great concern to the young and the youth.

The Sudanese regime’s insistence on the oppression and humiliation of the citizens has caused the Sudanese people, especially mothers, a gravely dangerous tragedy through forcing our children, the students of Sudan General Certificate (SGC) whose ages range between 16—18 years old, into the furnaces of a false jihadic war under the pretext that it is a national service. The reality is that the issue is not a national service, because since the beginning it took different forms: at one point it was a jihad against the infidels, at another it was a defense of the country against a foreign invasion, and finally it has been for the protection and defense of the regime after it had liquidated the Sudanese Armed Forces that is supposed to be entrusted to defend the country and the citizens. Thus, under the compulsory service law, and through deceiving families with false mottos, thousands of students have been crammed by force into poorly prepared military training camps. The students under this law, will not be able to receive the results of Sudan General Certificate [their only means to be enrolled in universities programs] except through these camps and the military operations zones. As for those who are out of school and universities, the security forces have been chasing them in the streets, homes, public transportation, with the intention to cleanse the capital city of the youth.

The war, whose flames the regime has been fueling, has depleted our people’s economic resources, and claimed the lives of thousands of our youth, while the rest have been suffering physical and psychological diseases. In justification of these camps, 18 billion Sudanese pounds have been spent, the money that is badly needed by the Armed Forces, and the educational institutions that are impoverished of books and teachers.

The regime has been announcing now, shamelessly, that the next examinations of SGC will be held inside the military camps. Can students be in a psychological state that would enable them to sit for the exams? Would their needs be met? This is our youth, half of the present and all the future, have been deprived by this regime of their freedom of choice, their self-esteem has been shaken, and now they are in a state of perpexity and loss.

Messrs. Representatives of International Organizations Messrs. Representatives of the world Governments and Peoples

In the name of the national Sudanese Women’s Association, and on behalf of Sudanese mothers, we respectfully appeal to you and to the peoples and women of the world to stand by us [in our efforts to] stop these crimes that have been committed against Sudanese mothers, students and the country. [We appeal to you to stand by us in our demands to] have those [children] still alive back immediately from operations zones, declare the names of those killed, those missing, injured, and to give the families the results of their children’s examinations and certificates, it is their legitimate right.

We thank you and confirm our appreciation for what you do for our people.