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Date: Thu, 4 Dec 1997 11:49:37 -0500
Sender: The African Global Experience <AGE-L@UGA.CC.UGA.EDU>
From: Marpessa Kupendua <nattyreb@IX.NETCOM.COM>
Subject: !*Sudanese Women Facing Imminent Death

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>Date: Thu, 04 Dec 1997 12:37:55 +0400
>From: sidahmed <sidahmed@emirates.net.ae>
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Sudanese Women Facing Imminent Death

An appeal from sidahmed, 4 December 1997

Dear netters,

We’ve posted on this list an urgent appeal to solicit your support for a humanitarian cause. Four Sudanese women have been unjustly convicted to death for alledgedly engaging in prostitution. This is a parody of justice!

Please, take the time to read the statement issued by a group of Sudanese and non-Sudanese with different political affiliations. They are neither a party nor a standing committee, nor do they have any agenda other than the solidarity with the Sudanese people. Today, they have come together to join hands in the struggle to save four Sudanese women who have been victimized by the legal system in the Sudan. Please, add your voice to this campaign to stop this tragedy from taking place.

For obvious reasons, we regarded the case of the four convicted women as a matter of urgency. Next, and without wasting any time, we intend to turn our attention to the defence of those women, youth and lawyers who have this week been victimized by the police and judiciary in the Sudan. Our joint success in snatching the convicted four women from the jaws of death will give us enormous confidence and strength to carry on the struggle for peace, democracy and human rights. Please, add your name to the list of signatories NOW.

Prof. A.A.Bob


The Secretary General Of The UN, New York
The Secretary General Of The OAU, Addis Ababa
The UN Commission For Human Rights, Geneva
The Chair Of The UN Women’s Committee, New York
The UN Representative In Sudan, Khartoum
The Heads Of The Diplomatic Missions In Sudan, Khartoum
Amnesty International, London
Human Rights Watch, Washington, D.C.
The Sudan Human Rights Organization, London
The Arab Bar Association, Cairo

Four Women Facing Imminent Execution!

We, the undersigned, respectfully ask for your prompt action to stop the death sentence issued by a Sudanese court against four women accused of engaging in prostitution. On Tuseday November 25, 1997, the Sudan News Agency (SUNA) reported, that four women have been sentenced to death by an Islamic Shariaa Court for prostitution. The convicted women have been allowed only 15 days (until Dec. 10/97) to appeal this brutal sentence. Sudan’s Minister of Justice and Attorney General, Abdelbasit Sabdrat, has confirmed that the women’s case is before the Supreme Court and that the execution would be carried out unless it is reversed.

Since 1983, those sentenced for prostitution had been subjected to death by stoning in public. The penal code in Sudan is part of the abhored 1983 Sharia laws, introduced by the deposed dictator Numeiri and carried over by the National Islamic Front (NIF) and the present militry junta. These laws contravene the universally accepted principles of justice. In the Sudan, thoughtful Muslims and other citizens have persistently opposed the introduction of Numeiri’s/NIF selfstyled Shariaa law, espcially the application of the hudud punishments (amputation, crucifixion and stoning) at a time of enormous social and economic distress in the country. Unlike the adultery offence for which the Islamic Shariaa has laid down stricter rules, the prostitution offence is vague and often based on hearsay and circumstantial evidence.

The death sentence handed down to the four convicted women is unjustified and unusually cruel. The excessive punishment, notwithstanding, the convicted women have been allowed only 15 days for appeal. This is a travesty of justice and a flagrant violation of the Universal Declaration On Human Rights and the OAU Human Rights Convention to which the Sudan government is a signatory. An offence such as prostitution should have been considered in the context of the enormous economic and social hardships emanating from decades of civil war, displacement and other reprisals primarily endured by women. By ignoring these mitigating circumstances, the court officials who convicted the four women have demonstrated incompetence and shameful disregard for justice and human lives. We, the undersigned, are gravely incensed by the cruelty of the sentence meted out to the four convicted women. We are extemely concerned the death sentence might be carried out, unless a powerful, worldwide campaign is launched on their behalf. Here and today, we call on the advocates of human rights everywhere to raise their voices and demand this extremely cruel punishment against the four convicted women be quashed. We are in a tight race against time to prevent a senseless tragedy from happening on Dec. 10th. Your voice and expeditious intervention will make a colossal difference in the struggle to save four precious lives. Please, support this appeal by every possible means! Demand this mockery trial be declared null and void.

The military government in Sudan should be put on notice that its assault on human rights will not go unchecked!.

Thank you very much for your sympathy and support.

Hashim Mohd Salih, California
Asma Abdelhalim, New York
Dr. Abdel Magid Bob, California
Omar Hassan, California
Ahmad Al-Kheiry Al-Dabi, Washington, D.C.
Dr. Rasheed Khalifa, California
Um Al-Kheir Kambal, California
Sondra Hale, California
Sausan Gafaar, California
Abdel Rahim Mohd Minalla, California
Igbal Mohd, California
Tartiq Abel Moneim, Toronto
Amir Mohammed, Texas
Arhab Abdalla, N. Carolina
Amin kamil saeed, Pennsylvania
Ishraga Taha Mustafa, Pennsyvania
Igbal A/Gadir, Pennsylvania
Dr. Abderahman Ibrahim, Pennsylvania
Omar Abdel Sawi, Pennsylvania
Dr. Nahid Mohd Ahmad, Pennsylvania
Mohd Algadi, Massachusetts
Magda Mohd Ahmad Ali, Massachusetts
Mohd Ali, New York
Amir Musa, New York
Abdelsalm Bushra, Minnesota
Thuraia Ibrahim Ali, Minnesota
Muiz Abunoura, N. Carolina
Beshir Bakar, Washington, D.C.
Khalid al-Khalifa Abdullahi, Washington, D.C.
Dr. Afaf Omar, N. Carolina
Saadia Alkhalifa abdullahi, Washington, D.C.
Abu Bakr Sidahmed, UAE~
Mohammed Al-Khatim, Pennsylvania
Omar Idris, Pennsylvania
Ahmad Al-Mardi, Texas
Aida Aljabri, Pennsylvania
Haitham Tawfiq, Pennsylvania
Murtada Al-Basha, Texas