The history of sex workers in the Republic of the Sudan

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Prostitutes sentenced to death
By Nhial Bol, IPS, 25 November 1997. Four women have been sentenced to death by an Islamic Sharia court here for prostitution. The four had been arrested several times and that they had ignored warnings to give up the iniquitous trade, abhored by Islam.
Sudanese Women Facing Imminent Death
An appeal from sidahmed, 4 December 1997. Four Sudanese women have been convicted to death for prostitution. Statement of a group of Sudanese and non-Sudanese in solidarity with the Sudanese people. They have come together to join hands in the struggle to save four Sudanese women.
Update On The Campaign To Save 4 Convicted Prostitutes
From: Marpessa Kupendua, 7 January 1998. Support building. The death sentence has not been carried out and will be indefinitely suspended. The women remain in danger campaign needs to continue to prevent an undesirable legal precedent.