The contemporary political history of
the Republic of Djibouti

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Djibouti bulletin
Amnesty International Urgent Actiln Bulletin, 28 November 1997. Five Afar opponents of the Djubouti government detained under judicial investigation. Some nine others reported detailed in Ethipia, some tortured and then handed over to Djibouti for detention.
Witnesses Describe “Coup Attempt”
UN Integrated Regional Information Network, 8 December 2000. A police rebellion took hold of the city for a few hours, over the sacking of their chief on the previous day.
Country profile: Djibouti
BBC News Online Wednesday, 21 March 2001.
New Port Restrictions Introduced
UN Integrated Regional Information Network, 17 July 2001. Restrictions on foreign companies wishing to engage in shipping and transit operations at the Red Sea port of Djibouti. The new law, which has been under consideration for several months, is likely to further fuel resentment felt by Ethiopian businessmen following the introduction of increased port tariffs earlier this year.