The contemporary political history of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia

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Towns attacked by OLF
The Indian Ocean Newsletter, 4 February 1995. Armed units of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF, opposition) invaded the towns of Humruna and Jarte, Horo Gudru Province, taking money and burning documents.
A Breakfast Meeting with Prime Minister Meles
By Harold G. Marcus, 20 October 1995. Aim is to clarify Prime Minister Meles’ views for those of us who remain uncertain about his thinking and the policies and intentions of his government.
‘Red Terror’ detainees finally charged
Amnesty International Index, 23 January, 1997. Detained are some 1800 people involved in the Dergue military government’s 1977/78 “Red Terror” campaign. Detainees held for involvement in human rights crimes under the former Dergue government have now been charged with specific criminal offences.
Ethiopia bulletin
Amnestry International Urgent Action Bulletin, 20 February 1998. 15 among scores of members of the Oromo ethnic group (or “nationality”) arrested in Addis Ababa in early February 1998 for suspected involvement with the armed opposition Oromo Liberation Front (OLF). Reports of torture, “disappearances” and extrajudicial executions of OLF suspects.
Interview—“I have never heard of any convincing reason as to why we should privatize land”
The Reporter (Addis Ababa), 3 May 2000. The Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Mr. Meles Zenawi, responded to questions and remarks by a panel of distinguished Ethiopians pertaining to issues that relate to the socio-economic performance of the country during the past eight years.
Rethinking the Continuing Insanity of Ethiopian Politics
By Dr. Fisseha-Tsion Menghistu & Associates, Addis Tribune (Addis Ababa), 13 October 2000. What exists in many poor and underdeveloped countries, particularly in many African countries, is a sham and meaningless sovereignty, which only protects the interests of the leaders and neglects the masses of the people. An unprecedented era of mega-mergers and globalization. Disturbing developments with respect to the ongoing ethnic politics.