The retrospective history of the Republic of the Sudan

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Reaching for Sudan’s Buried History
By Yahya El Hassan, Panafrican News Agency (Dakar), 9 April 2001. Sudan—Archaeologists in Sudan have celebrated a number of outstanding ancient discoveries in the 2000-2001 excavation season. In focus was the monumental heritage of Napata and Merowe kingdoms of ancient Sudan, both of them in the far north of the country, from 3rd millenium B.C.
Comment: Sudan and Christianity
By Harold Marcus, H-Africa list, 3 January 1996. Why did Christianity disappear in northern Sudan? R.S.O’Fahey replies Pre-modern Nubian Christianity had disappeared entirely by the late 16th century. But why?
Almahdi and the Nuba
A dialog on the Nubia list, September 1996. Mohammed Ahmed (d. 1886) was given the title The Mahdi, or Al-Mahdi, by his successor, Khalifa. He initiated the Sudanese liberation movement against British colonialism.
Timeline Sudan: A chronology of key events
BBC News Online, Thursday 24 May 2001. A chronology from independence in 1956, with brief description of the events, up to May of 2001.
Sudan: a political and military history
BBC News, Sunday, 21 February 1999. A sketch of the toll of the Civil War that has run since 1983. Factors affecting the course of that war.