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Subject: Liberia - a success for Uncle Sam

from: jclancy@peg.apc.org subject: Liberia- a Success for Uncle Sam

Liberia - a success for Uncle Sam

From Worldwath Institute, published 14 January 1996

Liberia, now there's a nice place. Just the right location for major Strategic Bases for US Pentagon and Interests ambitions; ideal also for the registration of US commercial shipping, low tax, insurance rates and difficulty for insurance claims by foreigners to succeed.(Oil spills, collisions, culpable driving etc).


Originally owned by indigenous tribal groups -Kru, Mande and Mandingo- the area, in the colonialist tidal wave, was simply called the Grain Coast. Many runaway slaves had settled in England. A British Court abolished slavery in London City, which encouraged others to gather in London. Abolitionist Granville Sharp purchased 250 sq kms of land for 60 pounds from the chiefs of Lokko, Sherbo, Limba, Sussu, Fulani, Kono, Krio and organised an agricultural colonialist society in the area they named Sierra Leone.

In 1821 the American Colonisation Society purchased part of this area to export and settle surplus slaves, calling it Liberia. This was a deliberate plan to establish a US colonial foothold in Africa. At no time were the tribal, rightful owners of the land consulted or considered. They named the capital Monrovia, after the recently adopted 'Monro Doctrine' to describe US ownership of everything south of the Canadian border, which they hallucinate to mean CUBA, Brazil, Peru, Panama etc etc.

Their '$40' investment has paid off from the riches of oil, diamonds, rubber and the armed assistance of their UN Sec'y Council against various resistance groups, who actually claim prior ownership! Liberia, half as big again as Sierra Leone, is another place where US cannot afford to allow democracy! Only 20,000 US Blacks were involved on their forced entry into tribal lands. Today there are only 45,000 descendants from the first slaves. The US Navy firepower protected them and the US wrote the Constitution and the Leases of resources to US companies. US Firestone and Good- rich controls the rubber production, other US Corporations the oil, iron ore and diamonds; all on a 99 year lease till 2026- unless the US ignores these terms as it normally does.

Resistance by repressed indigenous groups has been 'put down' regularly by the Marines under orders to defend democracy. An economic miracle based on cheap iron ore and the use of the Liberian Flag on US ships began in 1960 but only reached the 'American Interest', Liberian sector of the population (as in Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Burundi, Rwanda, Mozambique, Zululand, Angola, South Somalia's oil, etc), and of course Wall Street.

So, over 250,000 dead so far, which fits in with US plans to decimate all the world's unwanted Black/poor/indigenous peoples. Then there are 7 tribal fighting groups, four of which appear to be hoping for a US victory for their corrupted leaders, three must be the 'terrorists' or 'rebels' who want foreigners out but have split on method and for tribal reasons into Charles Taylor's National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL), Alhaji Kromah's United Liberation Movement-ULIMO-K , and ULIMO-J under Gen. R.Johnson.

The UN Liberian Mission -a mixture of foreign troops is called ECOMIL. A collection of concerned W.African States is named ECOWAS. A Nigerian Army of 7000 US Oil friends with heavy fire-power and tanks fights the rebels as ECOMOG.There is a Council of State -COS. The US of course will make sure it wins, without much cost and with 'their' assets intact and plans for world populations developing. Boutros-Ghali demands US$500 million to organise the Peace. US, the Brer Fox with the assets and hidden reserves, may promise $70m, honest partner UK $3m plus $7m arms, UN $10m arms made in US.