The retrospective history of
the Republic of Liberia

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Timeline Liberia: A chronology of key events
BBC, 25 July 2001. A brief chronology of political events from the independence of Liberia in 1847 until 2001.
Struggling Against the Sword
By Tom Kamara, The Perspective, 26 March 2001. The winds of intolerance raging over Liberia since its founding in 1822 by freed American slaves, continue to blow with devastating effects despite a coup d'etat over 2 decades ago in the name of change, followed by a war of terror in the name of justice.
Caught in Political Dilemma and New Global Realities Part I
By Geepu Nah Tiepoh, The Perspective (Smyrna, Georgia), 14 January 2000. The real domestic and global policy issues weighing on agricultural development and food sufficiency in Liberia. The roots of food insufficiency and dependency in Liberia, from 19th century settler state until the 1990s.
Liberia - a success for Uncle Sam
From Worldwath Institute, published 14 January 1996. The history of Liberia and the U.S. from the time of the slave trade until the current U.S. attack on the world's Black, poor and indigenous peoples.
Liberia: A Casualty of the Cold War's End
By Reed Kramer, 24 October 2000. Liberia's civil war, which began with a cross-border raid by a tiny rebel band in late 1989, quietly put post-Cold War U.S. foreign policy to an early test. That war has claimed the lives of one out of every 17 people in the country, uprooted most of the rest, and destroyed a once-viable economic infrastructure (50 Kb).